Bean me up!

Captain Dirk prepares tasty and healthy appetizers and meal bites that will make your homemade meals a real treat. 

Our website provides a list of ingredients.

Most of our products have a lab-tested nutritional value sheet so you can check your calories, net carbs, proteins, fibres and more. Others to come...

So, here are some good reasons for buying this:

You want to present your bubble of friends or family some tasty and original appetizers?

Try our Batata bomb, Risotto rules and Beluga blast. They are delicious.

You eat flexitarian/vegetarian/vegan/plant-based/halal/...?

Try our Katjang kastar and Black bean boost. And add some other items to try out. Most of them are vegan, but very tasty for meat-eaters oo.

You plan on making a salad or fry some vegetables, but you want something extra on top?

Try our Falafel force or Polenta power. And check the preperation page.

Your barbecue guest list includes a vegan, a vegetarian or someone on a diet?

Make your choice through the 'category' list in the webshop.

You or your guests have a food-intolerance? Check the nutri-pages.

Or maybe you just crave tasty croquettes? 

Order now and find out just how good they are!

Our food is made with 2 hands and simple tools like a spoon and mixer.

All our products are made by Captain Dirk in person in his 1070-kitchen in Anderlecht.

All delivered to your doorstep ona regular basis (keep some space in that freezer!) when you buy in our webshop. Or directly available at our ambassador stores. Send us an e-mail for b2b delivery.

Enjoy !