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risotto rules

Risotto rules

An outstandig breaded arborio croquette that makes a great appetizer as well as a festive meal add-on.

Infused with delicious black truffle, parmesan and thyme. A true delight!



Ingredients: arborio rice, dairy butter, parmegiano regiano dop, vegetable stock, black truffle oil, pepper, salt, breadcrumbs, egg, wheatflour.

Contains gluten, lactose. Made by 2 hands in 1070, Brussels, BE. 

Average nutrinional value, per 100g

This products will soon be lab-tested for nutricional value

Best before (-18*C) : at least 6 months after production date mentioned on the package

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Artisan production by Feso bvba, Luchtvaartsquare 30 BE 1070